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Welcome to our company’s website, TRIMOVE Inc. is an Alberta based, 1st class-organization which specializes in “Oilfield Transport and Heavy Construction” services.

Our business is based on a few simple principles:
1) We look after our people 
2) We look After our clients 
3) We are safe efficient and most importantly- we enjoy what we do! 

Our company is filled with dynamic, exciting, free-thinking, progressive team of professionals from our operators to our administration staff. Our fluid division has a proven track record of safely delivering crude and produced water to various plants and disposals. 

Our safety and executive team ensures compliances with regulatory bodies and mitigates risk thru adequate insurance, on-going training and bonding. We look after our existing customers as they are the back-bone of our business and we’re always looking to expand into different markets. 

We take great pride in being a 100% Canadian owned company with a wealth of global experience. We have access to all types of construction and transport equipment; whether you need your lease road maintained, or your fluid transported or perhaps you need oil field construction services- we got the people who will do the job right - the first time! 

Please call us today, we would love to connect with you and learn more about your needs, we will be very grateful for your business, and thank you again for visiting our website.

Work Safe Alberta

Driver Recruitment:
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Professional Heavy Truck Operator 1
- Must have 3 years experience with class 1A
(tractor / trailer)

Professional Heavy Truck Operator 2
- Must have 3 years experience with class 1A
(tractor / trailer and Super B)
- Must have 1 year minimum fluid/bulk hauling

For more information, please contact our human resources  department via email: hr@trimove.ca


Safety & Training

Trimove has a dedicated safety & training manager. No operator is allowed to work alone unless we are 100% satisfied that our staff is competent and comfortable in handling the work we have undertaken and assigned.

For more information, please contact
our safety department via email:












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